" My first reading with Tim was very heartfelt and uplifting. His warm guidance and spiritual insight affirmed for me his connection to a divine power. He is very gifted and caring. I was very fortunate to have found his website."   Sylvia

" I had known of Tim for a number of years from a mutual friend who had called him a gifted psychic. This label did nothing for me except make me not interested. Fast forward to a couple of years later where I was in a life transition moving and having difficulties selling my house. My presenting problem quickly led to some personal growth issues and clearances. My experience in working with Tim was different and better than I imagined it would have been. My experience of Tim was that his energy and who he is is much better and kinder than the “psychic” that I imagined. To me, he was a spiritual coach, a lightworker and shaman. I liked in the sessions I have had with him that he was not telling me what I “should” do, but rather coaching or guiding me in a way that supports me and who I am and what I feel called to do. I liked how in several instances he supported my intentions and helped me do things on my own rather than doing them for me. Each time I worked with Tim, it led to unexpected places and issues that supported my spiritual and soul growth. I definitely noticed several strong but subtle shifts for the better in my life through my work with Tim and the resulting “homework.” I believe that Tim can help bring insight and understanding to many types of difficult challenges and crossroads that can happen in our lives. I have recommended Tim to several of my close friends who I know are more open.
I would recommend Tim to people who are looking for energy work and coaching to help shift them to a new level. "


" Tim has been such a blessing in my life. I reached out to Tim for the first time three years ago and he has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. I am an anxious person by nature, but he immediately made me feel at ease. He has always told me what I need to hear, even if it's not what I want to hear, in a way that you know is coming from a place of love. It is so clear that he truly wants to help people and he's amazing at what he does. There have been times where I have had something weighing on me but didn't need a full reading, and was able to receive the same guidance through a text question. His advice is always spot on and I always feel better and more prepared to handle whatever is going on after hearing what he has to say, whether it's a full reading or a text question. I can't thank him enough for helping me to get to the place I am today! It's comforting to know that I have someone like Tim to reach out to. I have and will continue to recommend Tim to my friends and family, he is truly amazing! "
- Andrea 

" Talking with Tim is like talking with my Angels. "
- Stan 

"Due to the nature of my own personal work, I have had the opportunity to receive many psychic readings in my lifetime. I tend to be quite skeptical in nature and it takes allot of specific information to impress me. I would wager to say, I am a bit of a difficult person to read for in the first place. I also do not usually solicit a reading but for some reason, I was drawn to Tim. I found his reading to be extremely helpful and accurate. More so than that, his compassionate manner and warmth made the reading even more enjoyable. He brought through the spirit of my beloved dog Roxie who passed in May and his description of her was spot on. This will help me immensely in my grieving process. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Tim and highly recommend   him to anyone who is seeking psychic information or connection to a loved one." 
Alison Baughman, www.VisibleByNumbers.com

"I have known Tim Baxton for nearly 10 years, and have had the pleasure of him becoming my dearest friend. As a person, he represents every quality that one would want in a friendship. Honesty, compassion, integrity and a heart of gold. 

" As a psychic, I regard him in the highest esteem of the many I have met. Let me clarify by saying I have owned a haunted hotel, restaurant and pub for ten years, and have my fair share of psychics wanting to come in here to work, conduct business, etc, all with the promise of making me lots of money, They obviously know nothing about me, as that is not my motivation TIm is one of the VERY few that simply 'gets' that I want to learn more about my 'guests' in my business, as well as mentor me on my own spiritual journey. He has been an enormous wealth of information for me and is always spot on!  "

" He has a deep respect for what he does, and his honesty in answering your questions will never be compromised .... even if it's likely news you don't want to hear. He takes the responsibility of what he does seriously. I would HIGHLY recommend Tim! "  

 Kelley Freese Owner, The Palmer House Hotel, Restaurant and Pub www.thepalmerhousehotel.com

"Tim's reading gave me information over and above what I asked for. At the time, I didn't know I would have some of the questions he answered, but many times since I have heard those words and felt solid and confident from the knowledge he had shared. He also gave me straight forward answers to the questions I did have ~ even if it wasn't the answers I had hoped for. He is the real thing. Thanks Tim. I am definitely a fan." 

Jill R

"I have known Tim for a number of years. The first time I received a reading from him was at a party where he did multiple readings. What he told me was right on, up front and very reassuring to me. Every one at the party was impressed. Since then I have spoke with him a number of times on the phone for readings and have had a extended reading in person where he saw and we discussed it at length a huge change in my life, he was right on. It was a great reading. There is no denying Tim's abilities and his compassionate and honest approach just makes you feel and know you are where you should be in talking and listening to him. I will recommend Readings by Tim to anyone." Jay W Hill, Reiki Master/Author of "2012 A New Age, Change has Begun" www.guidetoawareness.com

"Tim is probably the most authentic and genuine psychic I have had the joy of experiencing. His gentle manner is direct and clear, never telling me what he thinks I want to hear, but what Spirit truly wants me to know and learn. His wisdom is deep and real. It's more than a reading; it's a session to shift my life and bring in more of what I need to be an amazing human being. " Jennifer Salness, www.crystallinelight.com

OMG I feel so much better. To think that all my medical providers gotten payed 10s of thousands of dollars over years and nothing they've done has made me feel better. But you my friend should be the one getting paid by my health insurance. Maybe I should demand my health insurance to pay you for helping me feel better and pain away. You were so right on, Thank You!

May the universe reward you with your best wishes ... Jorge 

“Tim has helped me so much with my psychic abilities. I know I can always count on him if I need help with anything. Tim has taught me so much. He helps me push away bad and negative ghosts. He has also helped me learn how to protect myself against evil. Tim is a great to guy to go to if you ever need help with spirits and understanding them. I don’t know where I would be without Tim’s guidance” Anissa Buhay, age: 13 yrs. Appeared on "Psychic Kids; 3rd Season Opener: Banishing Evil"

"Tim Baxton is truly amazing ! He has helped my entire family to move forward with our grieving & healing process since my son Billy died. He has helped bring hope, faith, love and promise back to our lives after our horrific loss. His spiritual connections with Billy helped us to try & understand what normally be unexplainable. There are no words to adequately express the appreciation and gratitude for the help Tim provided to each of us through his remarkable gifts. Thank you Tim !!!"   Tami Oehlers

“I find Tim to be one of the most amazing spiritual mentors that I have had the honor of working with. I am a mother of a child who, like Tim, is a psychic medium.  My biggest challenge as a mother of a psychic child, with no abilities of my own, has been being her teacher, giving her the guidance and understanding she’s needed and continues to need.  My son is starting to develop some of his own abilities and now discovering his uniqueness as well and I thank god every day that we have Tim Baxton in our lives. We have been faced with many trials & tribulations with these abilities and some have been very frightening for our family. I have reached out to Tim multiple times and he has been my rock through many of these challenges. Tim’s approach with me has always been one of calmness, compassion, deep understanding, and love. The most valuable lesson he has taught me (us) is to “keep everything sacred” and “find my faith”.  I trust Tim Baxton with my most precious gifts god have has given me which is my children… this is why I would highly recommend Tim Baxton" Kim Buhay

"My two dogs were not the best of friends. One is elderly husky, the other a young lab. Many a time I would have to break up a fight. I sent pictures of my dogs to Tim. In less than 30 minutes, he was able to help, It was amazing to see during the session, how the dogs, and myself became much calmer. My dogs are much more compatible and there has not been one fight. Tim is amazing. I have the privilege to see Tim on occasion, and every time, I feel calmness come over me." Elaine Garaghty, Executive Host, Grand Casino 

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